Custom designs available now!


Jewelry Design

How it all began:

We are a mother and daughter duo by the name of Hina and Hana. We began creating jewelry on our return from Shanghai when my husband's overseas assignment ended. We got introduced to handmade jewelry while we were there. We brought our interest to Singapore and we both began self teaching ourselves. The passion for beautiful and elegant designs led us to expand our interest to starting our own business. My daughter is my little partner who mostly works with polymer clay and helps me in making important design decisions.

a custom piece for a customer

Custom Jewelry

We now offer customised jewelry! Whether you need the perfect pair of earrings for an important event, or just can't find that perfect everyday necklace, you can now contact our team to help you. We can help you find an existing piece that matches your taste or contact us and send a picture of what you have in mind. We will assess the design and get back to you shortly.